Gut Health Trio

86 reviews

Gut Health Trio

86 reviews

Gut Health Trio combines three of our top selling products in one kit to help transform your digestion: Gut Revive, Digestive Enzymes, and Digestive Bitters (Before and After).

Gut Health Trio combines three of our top selling products in one kit to help transform your digestion: Gut Revive, Digestive Enzymes, and Digestive Bitters (Before and After).

Gut Health Trio

Here’s a glimpse into how an unhealthy gut environment can shake up hormone levels.

Estrogen: A leaky gut does not effectively excrete “dirty” estrogens (they are antagonistic metabolites) out of your body. Instead, they stay in circulation, causing Estrogen Dominance.

Estrobolome: This is a subset of bacteria in the gut that helps to metabolize estrogens and disarm the “dirty” estrogens (which are the harmful estrogen metabolites) that cause cancers in the thyroid, breast, ovaries and uterus. Most people with leaky gut have a host of estrogen problems.

Thyroid hormones: Part of your conversion of T4 thyroid hormone into the stronger, more active T3 form, occurs in your gut—but may be compromised if your gut is unhealthy.

Chronic inflammation of hormone receptors: Chronic digestive distress leads to chronic inflammation. This long-lasting inflammation shuts down hormone receptors making the update of hormones highly inefficient. Inflammation is also the root cause of various conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and hormonal imbalances.

Sleep and mood hormones: Around 80-90% of serotonin (your happiness hormone) and melatonin (which induces sleep and is produced from serotonin, in total darkness) are made in your gut. That production can go haywire due to a leaky gut. Poor sleep makes hormone imbalances worse.

Insulin levels: The healthier your gut function, the more stable your blood glucose, the less you crave sugar and the less insulin you release. On the flip-side, an unhealthy gut can predispose you to insulin resistance, where your energy cycle doesn’t work properly, which also reduces your ability to burn fat.

Appetite hormones: An inflamed, unhealthy gut promotes unhealthy bacteria that can change your levels of ghrelin (which makes you hungry) and leptin (which signals when you’re full). It can also impact the food you crave and your taste receptors.


Recommended Regimen:

Gut Revive - Take 3 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach, and 4 capsules between breakfast and lunch (7 total), or as directed by your health care practitioner.

Digestive Enzymes - Take 1 capsule before meals, as needed.

Before Bitters - Take 4 pumps within 30 minutes or directly before a meal.

After Bitters - Take 4 pumps within 30 minutes or directly after a meal.

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United States United States

Digestive Enzymes

I like the taste & feels it helps with digestion.


Wellena / Hormones Balance

Thank you for sharing with us, we are glad to hear they are helping you!

Alicia H.
United States United States

Digestive Enzymes

Love this product! I have had stomach issues for quite sometime. Since discovering and starting Wellena Digestive Enzymes, I have noticed that I don’t have an upset stomach after eating and bloating has lessened. I love all the Wellena supplements I use and trust this vitamin line. Thank you!!


Wellena / Hormones Balance

Hi Alicia, thank you for this wonderful review and for your ongoing support. We are so happy that you are enjoying and finding benefit with our products.

Amy C.
United States United States

Love this blend

I love that this has ox bile along with the Betaine HCL. So many enzymes don’t work on the stomach acid and the bile. So, so important in the digestion process


Wellena / Hormones Balance

Hi Amy, we're happy to hear you like this product so much. Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review.

Rebecca S.
United States United States

Digestive Enzymes help me get more nutrition out of my food

I am having more difficulty digesting a number of foods now that I am over 50. This product helps me prevent stomach aches, gas and other side effects after I eat and helps me to better digest all the food groups.


Wellena / Hormones Balance

Hi Rebecca, thank you for sharing your experience. We are so glad that you are noticing some relief with this. Thanks for the review!

Paula P.
United States United States

For healthy digestion and weight management

I am a nutrtion health coach, and I not only use these enzymes myself to help with digestion, but recommend them to my clients when they are struggling with digesting protein, fats, or carbs. I find that I am less tired after meals when I take one capsule before a meal. I also appreciate how these enzymes help my body untilize the nutrients from my food more effectively.


Wellena / Hormones Balance

Hi Paula, thank you so much for your review and for your ongoing support! Glad to hear you are liking this product so much.


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We have had customers successfully ship their supplements abroad using, however we have only limited experience with this service.


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