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Magnesium Rotation Kit

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Magnesium Rotation Kit includes four different types of magnesium, each with its own benefits. 

Included in the kit:

  • Magnesium Replenish (magnesium bisglycinate)
  • Mag Energy (magnesium malate) 
  • Quick Magnesium (magnesium chloride)
  • Magnesium Citrate (magnesium citrate)


 How Magnesium Rotation works:


Take Mag Energy; energy-boosting magnesium with breakfast. Magnesium form: Malate.

This form is especially beneficial for individuals who experience occasional low energy and fatigue.


Take Magnesium Replenish; digestion- and relaxation-promoting magnesium with a meal. Magnesium form: Glycinate.

This form is highly absorbable and should not cause gastrointestinal symptoms. It is also less likely to be stimulating. 

Before bed: 

Apply Quick Magnesium; a muscle-soothing and sleep-promoting magnesium before bed. Magnesium form: Chloride. (Please note: This is a different compound from chlorine found in tap water.)

This topical magnesium gel is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and therefore by-passes digestion.

When constipated or traveling: 

Take Magnesium Citrate; helpful with constipation and when traveling. Magnesium form: Citrate. 

This form of magnesium may support regularity and bowel relaxation by drawing water into the intestine and softening the stool.


Made with non-GMO ingredients. Free of gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and colors.

Customer Reviews
4.8 Based on 147 Reviews
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Stacy M.
United States United States
how to get the itch to stop

Great product. It does itch at first on me. I thought I was allergic and about to return the product. But I started reading other reviews and comments. If this happens to you- wash off after 30 seconds so it can absorb into the skin or add a carrier oil. This seems to help me.

Diahann G.
United States United States
Supplements and Books

The supplements have helped tremendously. I haven’t gotten a chance to dive into the books. I’m impressed with the size of the cook book and the overcoming estrogen dominance book. I’m going to stick with Wellena.

Melissa K.
United States United States
Magnesium Rotation Kit is amazing

It’s only been a week but my hot flashes have been reduced and I am sleeping much better.

Wellena / Hormones Balance

That is wonderful!

Cathlena C.
United States United States
Mag Energy

I have been using this product for a week and I already LOVE the energy I am feeling in the morning. It was EXTREMELY difficult to get up with eyes feeling like they hadn't slept at all. Now I feel like I WANT to start the day instead of rolling over I will continue using this product to build up my magnesium.

Wellena / Hormones Balance

That is incredible! Enjoy your mornings! >3

Annemarie F.
United States United States

It really help me with alleviating my foot cramps. Thank you!!

Wellena / Hormones Balance