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  • Supports bone density using chelated minerals for enhanced absorption and bioavailability and to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal complaints
  • 2:1 calcium-to-magnesium ratio — the optimal ratio for mineral balance

 Osteo Foundation is a complete blend of vitamins and minerals to support bone health. Many bone formulas are missing key nutrients to support calcium getting into the bone but this formula has it all. Only four tablets a day are needed of this highly absorbable bioavailable formula.

Made with non-GMO ingredients. Free of gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and colors.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Osteo Foundation is a complete blend of vitamins and minerals to support bone health. Many bone formulas are missing key nutrients to support calcium getting into the bone but this formula has it all. Only four tablets a day are needed of this highly absorbable bioavailable formula.
The recommended dose is 4 tablets per day, or as directed by your health practitioner. There are 60 servings per container.
Take 4 tablets at any time of day with a meal. You can take all 4 tablets at once, or divide them up during the day (for example: take 2 tablets with breakfast, and 2 with dinner).
Osteo Foundation is a unique blend of highly absorbable vitamins and minerals formulated to support healthy bones. Osteo Foundation features calcium and magnesium that are bound to malic acid for enhanced absorption, along with chelated forms of zinc, copper, and manganese for superior bioavailability. The nutrients in Osteo Foundation work synergistically to support bone health and integrity. Calcium is the primary mineral in the hard tissues that provide strength and support. Vitamin D3 regulates calcium homeostasis, bone mineralization, and bone formation. Vitamin K, supported by geranylgeraniol (GG), plays an important role in supporting the proper trafficking of calcium into the bone. Magnesium also influences proper bone mineralization. Vitamin C supports the synthesis of collagen, which is a critical component of bones and connective tissues. Zinc, copper, manganese, and boron support different aspects of collagen and bone production. Vitamin E tocotrienols help promote a healthy inflammatory response to support bone health.
Vitamin K is essential for bone health and many studies look at 1 to 2 mg of vitamin K being the optimal dose for maximum activation of the bone-building protein osteocalcin. Vitamin K specifically works on the mechanisms that prevent calcium build up inside the arteries (soft tissues) so that calcium can bind to bone (hard tissues). It’s the same mechanism of what we want to prevent in osteoporosis or osteopenia - we want to keep that calcium from going to places that we do not want in the body, and direct it to where we need it: the bones! Vitamin K activates matrix GLA proteins in soft tissues to keep the calcium out, and activates calcium-binding proteins in the bone to maintain skeletal density.
Yes, they are considered large tablets. You can use a pill crusher and sprinkle the powder on food, or break the tablets in half or smaller.
Consult your health-care practitioner before using this product if you are taking Coumadin, warfarin, or other anticoagulant medications. If taking vitamin E supplements, it is recommended to take about 2 hours away from any supplement containing Vitamin K, as Vitamin E can block some of the positive effects of Vitamin K.
Osteo Foundation is the new name for the formulation previously known as Osteo Supreme.
Osteo Foundation is vegetarian, but not vegan, as it contains lanolin.

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