Super Saver Kit

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  • 7 formulas to optimize health and ensure healthy levels of key nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  • Added antioxidants for support
  • Capsules, 60-day supply
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Foundational Supplements That May help:
Super Saver Kit
B MaximusThe active form of this B vitamins allows the body to use them readily without having to convert them. Choline was also added to support methylation. B vitamins are key in detoxification and hormonal balance.
Magnesium ReplenishThe most bioavailable form of magnesium that supports natural relaxation and necessary for over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body.
Mag EnergyThis form of magnesium helps promote sustained energy levels and mental vitality throughout the day along with healthy cardiovascular function.
Vitamin C BurstAids natural progesterone production, supports adrenal health, and may support optimal thyroid health.
D3 MaximusSupports hormone balance, immune response, healthy mood, bone health, and sleep.
Essential OmegasOur newly improved formula features MaxSimil PLATform, which offers 3x higher absorption compared to other fish oils. It is derived from small ocean fish: sardines and anchovies - known to be the safest seafood today. Omega-3 is essential to hormone balance and promoting a healthy inflammatory response.
ZincA highly bioavailable form of zinc to support immune function, blood sugar levels, hormone production, and thyroid support.
Super Saver Kit
Key strategies to support optimal health
LIVER SUPPORT Optimizing the liver function and detoxing it may help remove “dirty” estrogens more effectively, reducing symptoms of Estrogen Dominance and improving optimal hormonal balance.
INCREASE PROGESTERONE LEVELS In the case of a low progesterone-to-estrogen ratio, increasing progesterone levels may help. Symptoms of low progesterone levels can include poor sleep, mid-cycle spotting, hot flashes, infertility, miscarriages, anxiety, short cycles, irregular periods, mood changes, and depression.
LOWER INFLAMMATION Inflammation is bad news all-around if you want to get or remain healthy. Your hormone system can’t produce, metabolize and eliminate hormones when inflamed. The fastest way to lower inflammation is by eating an organic, low inflammatory diet.
ELIMINATE SYNTHETIC ESTROGENS FROM SKINCARE AND CLEANING PRODUCTS Switch your bathroom and kitchen products to clean, organic brands and avoid brands advertised in mainstream media and sold in large retail chains.

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Overcoming Estrogen Dominance

Overcoming Estrogen Dominance offers practical protocols, recipes and meal plans to help transition to an anti-inflammatory diet, while supporting digestive health and gentle liver detoxification, using food and herbs.

Written by Magdalena Wszelaki, who is a functional nutritionist and certified herbalist.

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