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Magnesium Rotation kit

13 reviews

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Magnesium Rotation Kit includes four different types of magnesium, each with its own benefits. 

Included in the kit:

  • Magnesium Replenish (magnesium bisglycinate)
  • Mag Energy (magnesium malate) 
  • Quick Magnesium (magnesium chloride)
  • Magnesium Citrate Powder (magnesium citrate)


 How Magnesium Rotation works:


Take Mag Energy; an energy-boosting magnesium with with breakfast. Magnesium form: Malate.

This form is especially beneficial for individuals who experience occasional low energy and fatigue.


Take Magnesium Replenish; a digestion- and relaxation-promoting magnesium with a meal. Magnesium form: Glycinate.

This form is highly absorbable and  should not cause gastrointestinal symptoms. It is also less likely to be stimulating. 

Before bed: 

Apply Quick Magnesium; a muscle-soothing and sleep-promoting magnesium before bed. Magnesium form: Chloride. (Please note: This is a different compound from chlorine found in tap water.)

This topical magnesium gel is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and therefore by-passes digestion.

When constipated or traveling: 

Take Magnesium Citrate; helpful with constipation and when traveling. Magnesium form: Citrate. 

This powder-form magnesium may support regularity and bowel relaxation by drawing water into the intestine and softening the stool.


Made with non-GMO ingredients. Free of gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and colors.

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Danelle P.
United States United States
First Comprehensive Magnesium

I have researched magnesium in the past but never have I found as much information and specific product offering. I purchased the magnesium rotation kit as it includes several types of magnesium I have not tried nor taken in the past. Probably the most immediate change was noticed from the Quick Magnesium. I slept better from the first night I took it. I have generally felt better during the day since starting the rotation kit. I am 47 years old and peri menopausal. My sleep has been off for years. I think I might have actual finally found something that is helping my sleep and general well being!!

Wellena / Hormones Balance

We love hearing your thoughts on this magnesium rotation. So pleased you are sleeping better

United States United States
Magnesium Rotation Kit

I was hoping my sleep would improve, I haven't noticed a differance. I'm still happy with the kit, magnesium is very important for the body.

Wellena / Hormones Balance

Thank you Tina for sharing your thoughts

Michelle V.
United States United States
Genius kit!

I could tell that I was having magnesium issues due to getting leg cramps, waking through the night and constipated. This was the perfect kit to get me started on correcting these issues. So far, my leg cramps are going away, no more constipation and slowly getting more restful sleep. I am purchasing more to continue the regimen.

Wellena / Hormones Balance

Hi Michelle, Thank you for sharing your experience. We appreciate your feedback :)

Stacey D.
United States United States
Magnesium Rotation kit

This has been very helpful getting my sleep back. I was having issues with waking and being unable yo fall back asleep and after just a few weeks on this it has helped so much. I know magnesium does so much for you and this kit is the best for making sure you have optimum levels in your body. Will continue to buy.

Wellena / Hormones Balance

Great to hear that you are finding it helpful Stacey

Kari P.
United States United States
Mag Rotation kit

Starting to get energy back, only been taking little over week.

Wellena / Hormones Balance