Wise Women's Balance - 1 Bottle

194 reviews

Wise Women's Balance - 1 Bottle

194 reviews

Wise Women's Balance - 1 Bottle

Wise Women's Balance was designed to support hormones through perimenopause and menopause with herbs such as black cohosh and chaste tree berry. As this transition time often has fluctuating estrogen levels, this formula may also support the beneficial metabolism of estrogen with diindolylmethane (DIM) and chrysin and the elimination excess of antagonistic estrogens with calcium-d-glucarate.

Recommended for women in peri- and menopause - may help with hot flashes, night sweats, memory loss, belly fat and mood swings. 

Made with non-GMO ingredients. Free of gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and colors.

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C. A. Ontko
United States United States
Be Wise

I have some of the symptoms of Estrogen Dominance. I am using this product to try to balance my hormones. I choose the Hormones Balance supplements due to the quality of the ingredients. You will not know if it helps if you aren't willing to give it a try!

Wellena / Hormones Balance

Very true, thank you for sharing!

Vanessa F.
United States United States
Assistance in balancing hormone levels.

This product coupled w/the Dem seems to be assisting in keeping things at a more balanced level. My suggestion is to try it and if you find it works order more ASAP. I have it set as a subscription but after a website sale on the products or a free shipping weekend the products are not available to fill the subscription order so then you will be out of the product for some time.

A Wellena / Hormones Balance Customer
Julie P.
United States United States
Good - helps with mood

I am giving this 4 stars because I had a bit of a reaction to taking multiples a day. I now cut my dose to 1 a day and it seems to work better for me.

Wellena / Hormones Balance

Glad to hear that you found a dosage that is working well for you. Thank you for sharing, Julie.

Maria G.
United States United States
Balancing Hormones Dream

I can't recommend Wise Women's Balance enough. I've been taking it for the past 3 months and it has helped regulate my menses and lighten the PMS blues almost immediately. Thank you Wellena for your wonderful combination of ingredients that are a dream.

Cathy H.
United States United States
Wise Women is the BEST!

I simply cannot go without this supplement. I love what it has done for my body and health. I feel so balanced!


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