Magdalena’s Thriving 50s Kit

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  • Five supplements Magdalena, Wellena's Founder, credits for feeling her best at 50
  • Keeps your hormones balanced, reduces inflamm-aging
  • Capsules, 60-day supply
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As we age, pro-inflammatory markers go up causing inflamm-aging. The right diet and supplements can slow down this process.

Prevent inflamm-aging and thrive in your fifties

I’ve just turned 50 and attribute feeling energetic, calm, strong, able to sleep well, think fast, and keeping a healthy weight to a clean, nutrient-dense diet, a solid sleep schedule, and a regular supplement routine. 

I've put together my top 5 supplements in the Thriving 50s Kit that I attribute my good health to.

— Magdalena, founder of Wellena

Foundational Supplements That May help:
Magdalena’s Thriving 50s Kit
Magnesium GlycinateThe most bioavailable form of magnesium that supports natural relaxation and healthy cortisol production. Essential for liver detoxification, sleep, and healthy bowel movement. Magdalena can’t live without it.
Magnesium MalateThis highly bioavailable form of magnesium (malate) can be slightly energizing and helpful in post workout recovery, especially weight training. Magdalena recommends taking it in the mornings.
Methylated B ComplexSupports your liver detoxification pathways and excretes “dirty” estrogen. This B complex consists of seven B vitamins, essential in improving energy and mental functions. We use methylated B12 and B6; folate (and not folic acid).
Vitamin D3+K2Key vitamins for a robust immune system, thyroid health, skin, hair, and muscle strength. In combination with K2, this combo is essential in bone health and strength.
ZincThis highly absorbable form of zinc (picolinate) is needed for endogenous progesterone production. Zinc also plays an important role in the immune system and gut mucosal health integrity.
Magdalena’s Thriving 50s Kit

5 Other Supplements Magdalena Takes Daily

Besides the 5 supplements included in the Thriving 50s Kit, Magdalena also takes the following on a daily bassis:

1: ProgestPure Cream

Highly absorbable, contains no artificial fragrances, phthalates, mineral oils, or harmful emulsifiers.

2: Vitamin C Complete

Food-derived C vitamin can help progesterone and collagen production; supporting healthy, and plump skin.  

3: Brocco Power

Add sulforaphane (broccoli seed extract) to support estrogen metabolism in Phase II liver detoxification. 

4: Digestive Bitters

Experience less bloating, gas, indigestion with these powerful herbs. Unlike most bitters, these taste wonderful. Yum. 

5: Calcium D-Glucarate

Bind up toxins from non-organic food, Rx medications, and “dirty” estrogens. 

Key strategies to support adrenal health
CLEAN, NUTRIENT-DENSE DIET I would not feel and look good being 50 years old if I didn’t keep a varied, organic, nutrient-dense, whole food diet. I can’t stress how fundamental it is to slowing inflamm-aging. Even the best supplements aren’t going to stop the inflammatory markers and lead to hormonal balance if the diet isn’t dialed-in. I personally keep and recommend a gluten-, dairy-free diet, eat 90% organic, home-cooked (simple, quick, tasty) meals, and only eat out on special occasions. If you want to know what I eat, the recipes in my cookbooks will tell you!
SUPPLEMENTS High quality supplements can fill in the gaps in today’s food chain which, unfortunately, is depleted of many nutrients. Some supplements can also support your liver, which is a very hard working girl, especially as we turn 50 - she needs some help, so take care of her with some good supplements such as magnesium, B vitamins, and sulforaphane.
CLEAN PRODUCTS I only shop clean skincare, cosmetics, and cleaning products - that are certified USDA organic, or have a very low toxic score on the EWG scale. Our own skincare line is USDA organic and I often joke that “it’s so clean, you can eat it”... because you can. Minimizing the toxic load from these products is easy these days (so many great brands), and essential to keep inflamm-aging at bay.
SLEEP AND REST Sleep is one of Magdalena’s non-negotiables; going to sleep early, eating 4 hours before bedtime, not looking at blue-light emitting devices, and taking magnesium glycinate are Magdalena’s sleep basics. Good quality and sufficient sleep is foundational in preventing inflamm-aging.
COMMUNITY Surround yourself with like-minded women, and a community that will have your back. Much research of the Blue Zones is based on diets (which vary vastly) and the community element is often overlooked. Find your tribe that has your back no matter what.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalances after 50 can vary from woman to woman and can include the following:

  • Irregular periods
  • Shorter periods
  • Mid-cycle spotting
  • Unpredictable ovulation
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Sleep problems; trouble falling and staying asleep
  • Mood changes, mood swings
  • Vaginal and bladder problems; lack of lubrication, urinary or vaginal infections
  • Incontinence
  • Decreasing fertility
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Loss of bone; osteopenia or osteoporosis
  • Changing cholesterol levels; higher low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol — the "bad" cholesterol
  • Muscle loss
  • Sagging skin

The Kit Works Best With

ProgestPure Cream Highly bioavailable cream provides 25 mg of bioidentical progesterone per serving $97.00
Vitamin C Complete Aids natural progesterone production, supports adrenal health $18.00

Overcoming Estrogen Dominance

Overcoming Estrogen Dominance offers practical protocols, recipes and meal plans to help transition to an anti-inflammatory diet, while supporting digestive health and gentle liver detoxification, using food and herbs.

Written by Magdalena Wszelaki, who is a functional nutritionist and certified herbalist.

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