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How we do things

How we do things

We don’t do pseudoscience and manipulate facts

Our products are research-based and developed by scientists and brilliant formulators. We don’t twist science to fit our agenda.

We don’t greenwash. Ever.

We don’t spin poignant marketing stories or use your little chemistry knowledge to make you believe you are buying a clean dream, and sell you a questionable product instead.

If it’s not squeaky clean, forget it.

Never ever will you see question-able or unresearched ingredients in our products. And yes, all products are free of gluten, dairy, soy and other allergens.

How and where it’s made matters

Boring. But important. Our manufacturing facilities are GMP and NSF which means everything gets painfully tested. Our products are made in the US and Canada only.

Honoring traditions

Many of our products use botanicals inspired by ancient herbal traditions from around the world.

We try our best

Are we perfect? No. But we try to make the best of this crazy world. Hope you do, too.

Our team and formulators
Meet the people behind Wellena
Every person who touches our work at Wellena—from the formulators to the nurturing staff—makes our mission to help women resolve hormonal imbalances possible.

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