Sleep Restore

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  • Supports sleep during peri-/menopause
  • Blend of herbs with GABA, L-theanine, 5-HTP, and melatonin that prepare the mind and body for bed
  • Capsules - 30 day supply (1 month)
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“Helps calm me at bedtime. Makes my mind feel at ease! My new nighttime routine!”

How Sleep Restore can help hormones

  • Supports healthy levels of growth hormones
  • Increases level of melatonin in the blood, which affects circadian rhythm and may reduce risk of insulin resistance
  • Provides Vitamin B6, an essential nutrient for the conversion of 5-HTP and melatonin to serotonin
  • L-theanine may elevate levels of GABA, as well as serotonin and dopamine
  • Lemon Balm and Chamomile promote healthy cortisol levels
  • Valerian may reduce hot flashes, because of its phyto-estrogenic components
  • Good sleep promotes higher levels of leptin (the satiety hormone) and lower levels of ghrelin (the hunger hormone)

How Sleep Restore can support overall health

  • Passionflower, a nervine, promotes relaxation, healthy sleep and may reduce pain, cramps, tension, or insomnia
  • L-Theanine may reduce stress and anxiety and promote concentration
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Supports proper cardiovascular function
  • Supports clear mind and focus for better memory and learning
  • Promotes healthy metabolism
  • Encourages proper reflexes, reactions, and judgments
Natural Sleep Support After 45 Once you hit 45+, sleep isn't what it used to be. As we age, our hormones change and can be a large contributor to poor sleep - especially falling progesterone. This formula contains a synergistic blend of herbs and neurotransmitters to calm the brain and body. – MAGDALENA WSZELAKI, FOUNDER OF WELLENA

Sleep Restore may help women who:

  • Have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep through the night experience hot flashes at night
  • Have difficulty turning off the "mental chatter" before bed
  • Experience muscle tension in the evening
  • Struggle with sleep anxiety
  • Need a solution to help them sleep that won't cause drowsiness upon awakening

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How to use
2 Capsules per day

Recommended use: Take 2 capsules per day in the evening, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Our Ingredients

Vitamin B6, Valerian, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, gamma-Aminobutyric acid, L-Theanine, 5-HTP, Melatonin (3 mg)

Other Ingredients: Cellulose capsule, vegetable stearate, silicon dioxide

Quality Check

A quality supplement should:
  • contain herbs that have been 3rd party tested for efficacy
  • contain no fillers and additives
  • be made in a GMP facility



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We have had customers successfully ship their supplements abroad using, however we have only limited experience with this service.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Sleep Restore is a blend of herbs with GABA, L-theanine, 5 HTP, and melatonin that prepare the mind and body for bed. The herbs in this formula have anti-anxiety and relaxing properties that wind down the body for sleep with the additional nutrients that quiet a chatty mind. This sleep formula is a good fit for those with adrenal stress, are perimenopausal or menopausal, or anyone that just wants a good night's sleep.
The recommended dose is 2 capsules per day, or as directed by your health practitioner.
Take 2 capsules per day 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime.
Sleep Restore is best combined with diet and lifestyle changes to improve sleep. We recommend a food and lifestyle approach first, followed by including supplementation to enhance the changes you are making. If you're living in a chronic stress cycle and eating poorly, it is rare that supplements alone can make such large shifts. A multifaceted approach is key.
This is a rare experience. Sleep Restore does contain 10 mg of vitamin B6, and for some people B6 can be a stimulant and create wakefulness. In some rare people, valerian can be stimulating.
Sleep Restore contains 3mg of melatonin which, research shows, is a dose that won’t inhibit your own production of melatonin.
Yes, Sleep Restore is vegetarian and vegan.
Yes, Sleep Restore is considered a low histamine supplement.

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