The Happy Sisters Routine

You will see the most benefit from using the Happy Sisters Cream and Supplement together on a daily basis, as part of your morning or evening routine.

Taking care of your health shouldn’t be a chore, but it is something that takes daily practice and commitment.

Let us help you learn how to add this intentional breast self-care to your day.

How to use your
Happy Sisters Cream

Happy Sisters cream is best applied during a lymphatic breast massage, but we understand that’s not always possible. When you don’t have time to do a full massage, you can always do a quick application by gently rubbing the cream into clean skin with small circular motions all around each breast until the cream has absorbed.

To incorporate the full experience into your daily routine, start by finding a time where you can take 15 minutes to relax without distractions and dedicate this time to your health. We like to do this after a morning or evening shower, right after our skincare routine. Feel free to listen to your favorite guided meditation and start an aromatherapy diffuser before you start - you deserve to take this time for yourself.

How to perform a lymphatic breast massage

Start with clean skin.

1. Scoop out 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of the cream and lightly spread over your breast tissue. 

2. Massage with your opposite side hand in the direction of lymphatic flow - away from the nipple toward 12:00, then back to the nipple and toward 2:00, then repeat to 4:00, 6:00, 8:00, and 10:00.

3. Go slow, about three to five seconds per sweep, and gentle but deep.

4. Repeat two times per breast, twice daily.

5. Visualize the breast as being made of sponge containing thick honey. Slow, deep sweeps make the honey flow out.

6. Finish by visualizing your breasts being nourished, cleansed, and healed.

How to perform a lymphatic massage

How to take your Happy Sisters Supplement

We wanted to keep this part as simple as possible. Simply take one softgel once a day, with food.

It can be taken in the morning or evening. If you’re feeling fancy, try washing it down with a Cranberry Thyme Spritzer, or Dandelion Tea for added micronutrients, liver support, and hormonal health.

Did you know?
Breast pain is so common that we assume it's normal. It is not. A COMMON symptom doesn’t make it NORMAL.

Featured Ingredients in the Happy Sisters Cream

Cream also includes...

Featured Ingredients in Happy Sisters Softgels

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s absolutely up to you, whatever feels right for you. Many of our team prefers a night application but a few chose to use it before starting the day.
We’ve formulated the cream with this in mind - the cream is gel-like and needs less than five minutes to get fully absorbed into the breast and therefore won’t stain the bra once absorbed. The cream is also high in water content (from aloe) and therefore feels cooling, soothing, easy to apply, and absorbs quickly without leaving a tacky feeling.
The product should be safe for women with a history of such cancers and we also recommend discussing it with your doctor.
That should be fine. Most women are highly depleted in magnesium and some extra might help. If you experience loose stool, that might be due to too much magnesium - in which case, back off the other supplement(s).
The recommended dose for DIM is up to 200 mg per day. Our Happy Sisters supplement contains 25 mg so try not to exceed a total of 200 mg per day.
A quick application is perfectly fine, do what you can. The massage is great to reactivate the lymphatic system and can be done once in a while, in your self-care time.
The St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is only used in the topical cream and should therefore not interfere with medications.
The cream does have a fragrance (we use rose geranium, bergamot, and ylang ylang essential oils), but it’s gentle and not overpowering. We understand that not everyone likes strong fragrances.
We always and only use natural essential oils.
We do not recommend these products if you are pregnant or nursing.
You do not. However, you may experience even better results and overall improvement in your health when adopting an anti-inflammatory diet.